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Elon Musk announces new Tesla motor that will shock the car industry

Elon Musk announces new Tesla motor that will shock the car industry

Elon Musk’s Tesla will shock the car industry Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has just announced an incredible new product that will surely shock the car industry. The new Tesla motor is smaller, lighter and more efficient than any other car mod on the market today.

In addition, the new mode will also improve the performance of all Tesla cars, making them even faster and more powerful. It is an amazing innovation that will definitely change the car industry forever.

Tesla’s Ford Upcoming Electric Motor Carbon Wrapped Motor Going On New Roadstep With Higher RPM Variations Elon Musk Announces New Plate Electric Motor Powertrain Complexity Improving Economy And Performance Musk Discusses Tesla Substantial Reduction According To Manufacturer will be allowed.

The current Mortar design which they previously referred to as a plate motor, as noted in a recent tweet, the new Mortar designer is not based on traditional automotive notions, but instead uses the technology that Dyson Vacuum Cleaner claims new motor to Musk. Being lighter, more compact and less expensive than Tesla’s current aluminum motor.

According to Kasturi, Kasturi’s ambition is to make the plate motor a hyper-scalable design that can be used in any vehicle.The plate motor can be used in a variety of Tesla cars. future including its second-generation Model E-vehicle, which could launch as early as 2022, but Tesla must first complete work on its third vehicle Musk spoke on availability for the Model S and upcoming Model X during a conference call Indicated for new high capacity batteries.

We were expecting to hear more about these next-generation battery packs at last week’s Moderna presentations with investors in February, on the other hand he didn’t go into detail. Tesla’s new battery cells we’ll announce next year during its delivery ceremony speech last week said it instead focused on a new sophisticated air suspension system made by Swedish auto parts supplier Holden. Was who is now a Tesla partner.

When customers are introduced to the model SP 100d Edition, they can confidently raise or lower the vehicle by up to 40 millimetres, according to the firm. Elon Musk doesn’t disappoint Unlike the Model S facelift, Musk reveals a whole new battery pack architecture for the updated electric car Tesla’s 100 kilowatt-hour battery pack is a whole new technology that will eventually find its way into other autos .

When it comes to Tesla’s future, the focus is almost always on the next generation of vehicles, although the company is forward-thinking when it comes to invoices as well. Tesla already has various portable charges but they are quite large and expensive. Without going into details about the new technology, Kasturi said the new battery pack would charge at a rate of about 100 kilowatt hours per hour, meaning long-distance trips could be charged practically anywhere.

Tesla is always unveiling innovative new motor technology and Tesla’s new Plate will take those innovations to a whole new level. You can always count on them to deliver the highest quality autos and components they make in the world. When used on a standard model, the new license plates provided more power and less weight than any other motor.

While in the market Musk did not explain how it worked, he claimed that it was built by robots capable of manufacturing 2 million components each hour, he also claimed that his cat’s hairball was made of a carbon fiber weave. There was a pattern. And it will revolutionize the auto industry, although Tesla has yet to provide an official price for the new motor.

They have said that it will be much less expensive than the previous T. Tesla Motors also said that everyone who buys a Tesla after July 1 will get one as a free replacement for their existing motor, an increase over the current industry standard. , This is huge growth and has the potential to have significant implications for electric cars in particular.

Battery capacity Take these claims with a grain of salt for all the musky tweets out there, but given what Tesla has done with its existing motors, there’s little doubt that the Blade will be successful even when it launches this year. Will perform like we have done in a long time. The anticipated Tesla Model 3 has been discussed, but a problem has kept the car from ever leaving the manufacturing line.

Elon Musk explained during the demonstration that this new engine was only possible because of a new machine built by Tesla to prepare it for production. He added that by the end of the year, Tesla will have a new mechanism for making these motors, according to its presentations.

This in itself is a really sophisticated process and we have custom made this equipment. He also mentioned that he will provide more information about these devices to other firms interested in building electric motors in the future, which he is sure will make the mission easier.

Low Cost Das Electric Motor for Other Companies to Make Electric Motor Considered to be one of the most important inventions ever devised by man, it is certainly commendable that we are moving forward in such a way that our technologies not only Our Stator and Rota are the first important components to consider on a motor that is not designed for instant completion.

Is nothing more than a series of short-circuited conducting bars connected end to end. Phase alternating current and coil Tesla motors produce a four-pole magnetic field, the magnetic field creates a current that rotates the cone rotor speed In an induction motor, the rotor speed, also known as RMF speed , is always slower than the speed of the position, regardless of the brush reduction.

Any permanent magnet induction motor but rather strong induction motors are unique in that what determines their rotational speed. The frequency of an alternating current power supply refers to the way that the power supply frequency can be changed to change the spinning speed of the wheel. Tesla speed control is quite simple and reliable. Tesla motors can rotate from zero to eighteen thousand revolutions per minute.

The battery pack provides power to the induction motor as the power supply is DC, it must be converted to AC before it reaches the motor, in this case the inverter comes into action, converting the DC to alternating current and powering the motor provides. Enable alternative electrical power. The speed can be controlled by adjusting the amplitude of the AC motor.

The inverter can also modify the output power of the motor. It is also the brain of the electric vehicle. Most people are surprised to learn that battery packs are simply large collections of conventional lithium-ion battery cells similar to those found in daily life that power electric vehicles. Generate the energy needed to propel the automobile.

These cells are connected in series and in parallel, a technique that sets Tesla apart from other electric vehicle manufacturers. There is circulation of glycol coolant between the cells via metal inner tubes which provide significant cooling. Instead of a few large thermal hotspots, many small cells are used. This can be avoided, resulting in an even temperature distribution across the cells and prolonging the life of the battery pack.

These cells are grouped into replaceable modules, unless the Roadster comes with approximately 7000 cells spread over 16 modules. Tesla Model S is the best example of plan Tesla. Tesla’s technical prowess has always been sharp and leading the company seems capable of pushing inside the boundaries mocked by its top geeks.

This ultimately succeeds in boosting Tesla’s performance to absurdly high levels, being the first Tesla to have three electric motors two rear and one front, which are now permanent magnet synchronous PC machines with carbon fiber sleeves.

Spinning engine bits rotors in plaid are brand new all rotors are covered with carbon fiber covers allowing rotational speeds of up to 20 000 RPM which is over 25 faster than before due to carbon’s different coefficient of thermal expansion Is. And copper Tesla claims that the copper Y and the motor must be coiled at exceptionally high tension in order to produce an efficient electromagnetic field.

In addition the plant specifically addresses an EV vulnerability in vehicles with direct drive gearboxes such as the Tesla where power drops significantly as speed increases. The plant puts out one-thousandth of its 1020 horsepower until it reaches its top speed of 200 mph. Despite having more power according to Tesla, the Plan is 175 pounds lighter than the 4828-pound Model S Performance Model. Was.

According to Motor Trend after a terrifyingly violent launch run, the Model S Plaid sprints the quarter mile in 9.25 seconds at 152.6 mph, taking just 1.98 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. Moves fast It’s hard to keep up with what’s going on on the yoke.

Simple shapes and colors disappear as a quarter mile of asphalt disappears beneath you. It’s an impressive feat but the vehicle can’t reach and maintain 200 mph because the drivetrain would be doomed to exceed the Tesla Roadster’s top speed limit. We hadn’t heard anything about the new Tesla Roadster in over a year and assumed it had been postponed once again due to lack of tip.

The company has had a rough year and the Cybertruck w which was a priority has also been delayed, so now that you have this brand new Tesla motor, it will definitely be a game changer for the car industry.

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