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Cybertruck hailed as the best in the history of trucks

Cybertruck hailed as the best in the history of trucks

The Tesla Cybertrucks are the most publicized vehicle release in automobile history and a surprisingly large number of people turned out to see them, so we’ve clearly struck a major nerve in the 21st century era.

It is a product that evokes an emotional response in everyone who sees it. The stark brutalist design confronts you and forces everyone to choose their own path, take the red bullet, and make it the best ever in the history of trucks.

The most dangerously impractical fake truck ever in the history of trucks won’t actually exist and the longer we wait, the more complicated both sides get, it only pushes the cyber truck higher and higher.

It becomes the shining stainless steel monolith that rises above us all. Travel is ripe with learning experiences. So let’s go abroad now to clarify.

When I say Cyber Truck is highly hyped, I’m not saying it wouldn’t be cool if you look at the channel we’ve been following diligently and every single minute about Cyber Truck released reporting or even indicating details in the US. And we’ve yet to see any real reason to worry that everything is going according to plan, or at least the latest version of the plan here.

Where things start to get tricky is Cybertruck was launched a long time ago and doesn’t seem to be due to the complete collapse of western society which actually happened three and a half years ago and a lot has changed since then and it’s still a big Another consequence of the problem that Tesla has set for itself over the past decade by unveiling a new product and then not delivering it, in a way unprecedented in the tech industry.

Imagine Steve Jobs came on stage with the first iPhone and thus the most amazing telephone ever changed the world, we’ll release it in a few years and then in two years it’ll turn into three years, yet no iPhone And then here we are in year four and meanwhile all the other Samsung and Sony phones have come out and they are great but we are still waiting for this amazing iPhone that will be even better than everything else.

We love apples but leave the phone where i am with the cyber truck and i know a growing group of viewers are already abandoning the bad truck the only anticipation is where do we go from here And so I believe we have reached the point in the technology life cycle known as the peak of inflation. Expectations This is derived from something called the Gartner Hype Cycle and it basically maps out.

The journey that every new product will take from inception to mainstream adoption. I love stuff like this because it reminds us that as humans, with our unmatched intelligence and creativity, we are totally predictable animals. Yes, humans will study their history and make it a compulsory class in school and yet we are doomed to repeat the same action over and over again.

Anyway the first phase in this hype cycle is called the innovation trigger, this is when the Cyber Truck first rolled out on stage in November 2019 and the floor was on fire and techno music was blasting and Elon Musk was doing his badass Were and were wearing. leather jacket, it was crazy that after the trigger there would be a huge vertical increase in the hype around the new product.

People love it, hate it, everyone’s talking about it, and that growth continues until we reach the peak of inflated expectations, the longer the time between those two points. the higher it will rise unless there is a catalyst to push the product to one side.

Usually the peak comes with a product release when the rubber meets the road but a product can peak without a release, you can maintain infinite hype without paying at some point, even ​That even the most devoted followers will lose interest and move on to something else. Elon Musk has worked diligently over the years to keep up with the hype surrounding the Cybertruck, for which you have to give the guy credit for dropping hints about all sorts of new features.

Tesla has developed that weren’t included in the original release and telling everyone that this will be Tesla’s biggest product ever, he always makes sure to remind us that production is coming soon this year guys we Said that last year but actually this year we are closer to the future now than the past which is undeniable so make no mistake the peak is coming soon either they drop the damn truck or people will lose interest.

Whichever side of the fence they’re on, it’s going to be pretty bad for business here in the Tesla space. So we’re looking forward to a successful product launch, but by no means does this go beyond the peak of inflated expectations, I’m a pit of disillusionment. It seems the name speaks for itself but is every product really doomed to fall into a trap and lose favor can Cyber Truck live up to every expectation and be all things to all people.

Probably not. And here are some of the reasons why the price list and option package number one price for the Cybertruck on launch day was great to get the motor base model for 50 grand. It seemed too good to be true at the time. And that wasn’t the point, but even if you plunk down your hundred dollars for the top-tier option package, does anyone still feel like they’re really getting $69,000 in their heart? Search in depth.

Now you know the answer, surely some people will be happy to spend the extra cash to go to the premiere release of Cyber Trucks with Three. Motors or four motors or whatever Tesla might throw at them for a few pennies are not commodities and they can be a touch of disillusionment for the rest of us when looking to buy a high-end electric pickup.

Truck in today’s economy the numbers we saw putting that deposit down when it comes time to make a deal the numbers on the screen will not be there and we already saw this with Rivian when they started raising the price before the first delivery r1t Customer disillusionment hit the company like a ton of bricks and even forced them to reverse course in a very public humiliation number two availability sure, with the Cybertruck going into its first production this year.

I believe that and maybe some VIP customers could get their deliveries in 2023, but as for what the time frame looks like to get the trucks in the driveway and clear the massive backlog of pre-orders, we’re all in the infamous 1 . There are known to be over one million Cybertruck pre-orders, although it is unlikely that these are going to convert into 1 million purchases.

Really impossible at a refundable pre-order of only a couple hundred dollars, it’s too many impulse buys from people who wanted to feel a little endorphin rush, those people have already got their money back, just another segment of customers. Going forward, some of the electric pickups released last year will be bought into a separate truck, with Rivian delivering 20,000 R1 vehicles in 2022.

Ford managed about 13,000 Lightning pickups for the year, with fewer than 1,000 Hummer EVs actually making it into customer driveways in 2022, even though every single electric truck buyer in 2022 is already on the Cybertruck list, which is on the order queue. is in I won’t go too deep into this, I’ve never taken a statistics class, but statistically a bunch of people are already dead waiting for their cyber truck.

Takes a few more names off the list to come but even in the worst case scenario Tesla is going to struggle to get production up to a level that meets demand and eventually gets them to that point Where new customers can actually come in and place an order with a clearly defined and reasonable delivery date means more waiting, more frustration and ultimately more disillusionment. We expect instant gratification in the modern world and that is something that will soon not be available by ordering a cyber truck.

The cyber truck looks different here to say the elon musk effect and people don’t like different things one person notices for better or worse that’s why the toyota corolla is so popular no one even knows You are present when you drive this car. But not only is the Cyber Truck a weird looking vehicle, it’s a weird looking vehicle that is intricately linked to Elon Musk and Elon Musk.

Nowadays you must have heard that people are naturally controversial persons. Whatever feelings they have about Elon, they are going to project them directly onto the man behind the wheel of Elon’s product. I get a lot of unwanted opinions from strangers. God damn, I don’t know what it is about your face, but I want to do anything I can to get one of these into your sucker hole that’s actually on your face but doesn’t fall off.

And all of this feeds into the general negativity that defines the state of disillusionment. But if the product is good it will rise above the trough. A good product doesn’t really need to meet or exceed every expectation, it isn’t the best new thing in the world, it isn’t all things to all people, the Cybertruck will be a great product. It will be the most truck-like consumer pickup truck of the 21st century.

Of course I mean if we try to define a truck a truck as a big rugged, powerful durable working machine cargo hauler. Driving anywhere, hunting, fishing, camping, pulling tree stumps out of the ground, the Cyber Truck is going to pass that test and with it we will climb the slope of enlightenment that is the hype cycle.

Where the benefits of technology are widely understood. Imagine that a year from now Cybertruck owners are flooding Tik-Tok and YouTube with videos of all the cool things they’re doing with their Teslas, millions of people will watch and a bunch of them end up becoming Cybertruck guys of their own. are going The other side of the argument is never going to watch the video because the algorithm already knows they don’t like trucks anyway and will find something else to bother them with and then we eventually get to the productivity plateau that comes with mainstream products.

Pricing and specifications solidify the pros and cons of ownership Real-world review As people move beyond hype and make their purchases based on meeting their individual needs and wants, we can leave this madness behind us Maybe, wouldn’t it be nice?

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