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Chinese state media calls out Elon Musk over coronavirus tweet

Chinese state media calls out Elon Musk over coronavirus tweet

Chinese state media called Elon Musk on the Coronavirus tweet, Chinese state media called Elon Musk this week to respond to a post about the origin of Coronavirus, potentially of many parts between Tesla’s CEO and the country’s CEO and the country Indicated by stressful relationships.

Global Times, a state-backed newspaper that is known for its Hawkish, takes a US-China relationship, posted an essay on social media this week, criticizing to carry on “Conscious Principle” about Coronavirus musk Was done.

The publication states, “At the same time, the use of these comments is hostile to China for China for China for those American rights and China for China.”

Elon Musk was responding to a tweet, which brought a baseless conspiracy theory, which is Anthony S, former Chief Medical Advisor to President Biden. Fauci funded the construction of Coronavirus.

The Chinese Communist Party warned Kasturi alone against the Wuhan Covid Lab Leak (CNBC). Elon Musk replied in a tweet, “They did it through a pass-through organization (EcoThelth),” Musk replied in a tweet. Musk has pushed back on the Covid sanctions during the first epidemic and called Fauci to sue.

He also said last year that China’s “Zero Covid Policy”, which was rested at the end of the previous year, made the trade difficult for Tesla. Born between 1956 and 1996? You can earn a potentially second income with the Comp. Stress with China can be expensive than Elon Musk. In China, companies making hostile comments by Beijing are rapidly targeted with sanctions Cripping their business in the country.

China has about 40 percent of Tesla’s sales in China, and is one of its biggest factories in Shanghai of the company. The vocal leader of Twitter and Tesla has already criticized the advocacy groups and some users who have captured the social media site last year, to restore controversial banned accounts and recently after several newspapers “Dilbert” Manufacturers are for protecting Scott Adams.

Comic after racist tweet by Adams. Musk has become a polarization figure – some conservative leaders have praised their pledge for preference online “free speech”, but critics have expressed concern that their policies can increase indecent language on the site. Elon Musk did not immediately respond to the comment request. CNBC first reported on the Global Times Post.

In the post of Global Times, Publication accused Musk of a “conspiracy theory that China’s slander”. It is referring to the baseless TAP charges, which resumed after a report that the US Energy Department concluded that the epidemic was probably due to a leak from a laboratory in Wuhan. (According to the Philip Bump of the Washington Post, Coronavirus has two primary principles of infected humans.)

Musk’s freezing on world issues has attracted praise several times from Beijing, although the latest condemnation highlights the tenth words of the relationship. In October last year, he praised the United States, which the gang, now from the then Ambassador, China, when the CEO of Tesla suggested to give Taiwan more control of Chinese officials as a special economic zone. , Comments were rapidly criticized by Taiwan officials.

American institutions have also been criticized by Beijing. Last week, China’s Foreign Ministry released a list of American “Hagemonic” rapes, where it has a chronic U.S. of the international community. Amidst the evidence of “misconduct”, the government’s censorship allegations on Twitter cited the allegations.

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