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Bob Saget’s wife asks Elon Musk to re-verify ‘Full House’ star’s Twitter page

Bob Saget's wife asks Elon Musk to re-verify 'Full House' star's Twitter page

Bob Saget’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, is making sure the world remembers her husband on the anniversary of his death by posting a heartfelt tribute requesting that his legacy live on with the help of a blue check mark on Twitter.

Kelly posted several photos on Instagram on Monday. And one year while writing the video our heart is so heavy that I haven’t been able to talk to or see my dear husband for a whole year.

So full of life in them he tweeted directly at elon musk and asked to verify bob’s twitter account which has over 2 million followers i noticed he is no longer verified my husband is actually on his legacy love twitter are living on. can anything be done please thanks he continues and the only reason i am addressing this is because i know bob will be very upset about this.

He’ll say hey if anyone goes to see my page and how do they know about all the jokes I tweet years later it was definitely me as we mentioned after suffering a brain bleed in January 2022 The beloved comedian died at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando.

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