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Bill Gates says Elon Musk is taking a ‘seat-of-the-pants’ approach to decision-making at Twitter

Bill Gates says Elon Musk is taking a 'seat-of-the-pants' approach to decision-making at Twitter

According to Business Insider, Bill Gates said that Elon Musk has taken a “seat-of-the-pants” approach to Twitter, according to the FT. Gates also told the FT that Musk’s Twitter was “stirring up” digital polarisation.

Elon Musk reportedly authorized executives, lawyers and engineers from his other firms to work on Twitter. The Financial Times reported on Tuesday that Bill Gates said Elon Musk adopted a “seat-of-the-pants” style of decision-making on Twitter.

Microsoft co-founder Gates said in an interview with the publication that Twitter is making digital polarization worse. He said it is unclear whether the challenge of dealing with digital polarization is up to human judgment or engineering.

“I think, of course, the Twitter situation is exaggerating things. Rather than an objective set of measures taken by a broad group of people, you’re seeing seat-of-the-pants type activity.” Have been,” Gates said sneeringly.

The philanthropist said that the social-media platform needs to look into how the riots happened or happened because of misconceptions about the safety of the vaccine. Representatives for Twitter and Gates did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment made outside normal US operating hours.

Gates’ comments come at a time when reports suggest that Musk has roped in executives, lawyers and engineers from some of his other businesses, as well as his cousins and admirers, to work on Twitter. Thousands of employees, including senior bosses, have been forced out of Twitter after the company’s team was emptied following a flood of layoffs, layoffs and resignations.

Elon Musk, who runs four other companies including SpaceX and Tesla, has come under scrutiny for his management of Twitter since acquiring it in late October. According to findings from the Network Contagion Research Institute, N-word use on Twitter increased by nearly 500% in the 12 hours after Elon Musk finalized the deal.

Soon after, some companies began suspending their ads on Twitter due to concerns about content moderation on the site. One of the biggest decisions Twitter made under the leadership of Elon Musk was to restore former President Donald Trump’s account after polling users voted in favor of bringing him back to the platform.

In January 2021, Twitter suspended Trump’s account following tweets made during the US Capitol riots. Elon Musk posted a poll on Sunday about stepping down as head of Twitter, with 57.5% of users voting for him to go.

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