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Baldwin Calls Elon Musk ‘A Scumbag’ On ‘The View’, Musk reacts

Baldwin Calls Elon Musk ‘A Scumbag’ On ‘The View’, Musk reacts

Alec Baldwin gained notoriety early last year after a tragic shooting incident with a “prop” gun that went off in his palm during a movie shoot.

One fatal injury occurred, and another person was seriously injured. Should Baldwin have checked the rifle before firing? Or maybe the propmaster, whose sole responsibility is to manipulate the props, was to blame?

There’s only one plain truth that everyone knows, and that’s that Alec Baldwin murdered someone on the set of the movie.

Last week, Baldwin made an appearance on the popular television program The View to promote his most recent film, John Wick 4, and the discussion with presenter Whoopi Goldberg spread to Twitter and Elon Musk. Baldwin then expressed his true feelings.

Elon Musk is your standard right wing scoundrel, I’m sorry. He’s the type of guy who, after telling you his poop doesn’t stink, turns around and offers to sell it to you for $8. man, are you a douchebag?

Baldwin got up and bowed as Goldberg’s crowd went into a frenzy of support. And musk, naturally, was nowhere to be seen to provide any sort of protection.

While waiting her turn, another visitor, Sandy Batt, an artist who works with Acorn, chatted informally in the green room.

Oh, he hit that badass Elon Musk square on the head. His aim is also very good. Elon Musk buys ABC and cancels ‘The View’ TV show.

”Alec Baldwin Calls Elon Musk ‘A Scumbag’ On ‘The View”’

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