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Ax-1 Mission | SpaceX Updates

Ax-1 Mission | SpaceX Updates

SpaceX Update This morning SpaceX launched the world’s first all-private astronaut mission to the Ice Falcon 9, with four private astronauts landing from historic Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center.

It was a smooth and beautiful liftoff on a bright day in Florida. One Zero Ignition Go Falcon Go Dragon Gets Speed ​​Axiom It was SpaceX 13th launch of the year, American broomsticks can do it simultaneously.

The boosters supporting this mission landed on the drone ship for the fifth time today, just read the instructions Step One Landing Light Deploy SpaceX Dragon Launch System As you.

Elon Musk attended the 2022 IRA C eager prestigious lecture on national defense policy as a speaker at an event held in Colorado yesterday, the event was hosted by the United States Air Force Academy, everyone excited to see Musk on stage Was.

especially the cadet wing, when Elon was introduced they went crazy, listen to it and n an announcement from Mr Elon Musk please ok, great to see you, great to be here Great to see this level of excitement Put.

I mean I think this level of excitement gets me really excited about the future and I can’t stress enough just in case I love helping make the future great on Starbase Booster 7 from Orbital Launch Mount Was removed and probably placed on crushers.

What doesn’t look like a transporter stand, it’s not known exactly why it was removed .

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